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2001 - Impala SS Nationals Class winner - 2011

 This is the way I thought the 1996 Caprice should look.


History of my Caprice!

My Caprice was built on November 8, 1996 and put in service on January 16, 1997 in Florida.   On August 24, 1998 with 10,405 miles on it, I purchased it from a Chevy dealer in the Detroit area and was told it was from an estate sale.
The car has every option that Chevy offered except for leather seats.
According to GM Archives, 69,581 Caprices were made in 1996.


From any angle, this is how I feel the Caprice should look!


As I began the changes I did not want to make an Impala clone.  It's just that there are so many great Impala parts.  Out of respect for true Impala owners I used Caprice SS body scripts along with the cloth interior and kept the original Marblehead color.   Except for painting of new parts,  I have done all  of the changes myself in my home garage. 

My thanks go out to members of the Impala SS Forum and NAISSO members who have provided me with endless information and ideas.

Why a B-Body?

GMs B-Bodys are the last of the true high performance body on frame big rear wheel drive cars. The Chevy V8 that in 1955 started us bolting on performance and has stayed with us for over 40 years. It seems only fitting that a full size Chevy V8 end the era. For those of us who drove these two tons of Detroits finest steel long before it was in fashion, there will never be a finer Automobile.

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My 1996 Caprice